Aircraftsman Goalkeeper


Basheer is employed in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited as Senior Assistant Public Relation (PR).

He joined HAL in 1985 and played for HAL Football Team for 17 years.

Captained Karnataka team for 51st National Football Championship for the Santosh Trophy held in Tamil Nadu in 1989.

He also featured as a prominent goalkeeper in Top Tournaments such as:

  1. Durand Cup
  2. Rovers Cup
  3. DCM Tournament
  4. Federation Cup
  5. Hyderabad Nizam Gold Cup
  6. Stafford Challenge Cup
  7. Rajara Gold Cup
  8. IFA Shield Tournament

Puttaiah Memorial Football tournament

Hindustan Aeronautics Sports Club (HASC) Seniors defeated India Telephone Industries (ITI) Senior 5-3 in the tie-breaker in the final of the Puttaiah Memorial Football tournament at the Bangalore football Stadium on March 30, 1987.

The tiebreaker resolved the issue after 80 minutes of tentative play. HASC Senior`s Goalkeeper Basheer brought off one save during the spot-kicks, but this was enough to give his side victory over ITI Seniors by a 5-3 margin in the final of the Puttaiah Memorial Football Tournament.

If the 10,000-strong gathering at the Bangalore Football Stadium had come to see a Tilt worthy of the final, one which matched the fact that two so-called top local sides were pitted against each other, they would have gone home sorely disappointed. In fact, they were cheated too, for with the time-wasting tactics that both sides, particularly HASC, resorted to, they would have witnessed at best three-fourths of the actual playing time. Strangely, referee Ranganath did not take account of the time wasted in numerous “injuries” when he blow the final whistle. But then that was good in more ways than one, for none would have wished to witness one of the sorts of the game they saw.

The exchanges were about even, with neither side willing to give it their all. ITI stopper Venkatesh kept a sharp watch on HASC`s main striker Inbanathan for the first 40 minutes; wing back Ilyas Pasha did likewise with R.D Babu and hence HASC`s Spearhead was blunted for almost this entire period.

The ITI defence stood up well in the initial 40 minutes but thereafter they tended to lose some of the confidence they had displayed up to that point. There was a certain amount of confusion in their ranks and if HASC did not get one in during the second half, it was ITI`s good luck alone that kept the scoreboard blank.

But apart from the periodic fluctuations, there were plenty of chances missed, some of them the sort which would have been taken advantage of gleefully in another tie. Both sides seemed to feel the pressure and were rather uncharacteristically nervy; this did not help either side`s cause any.

HASC converted all their spot-kicks in the tie-breaker through R.D. Babu, Mohanvelu, T.Babu, Manivannan and Lawrence. Varghese, the first ITI Player to take the kick, saw Basheer fist the ball back. ITI got through thrice through Rozario, Rahmatulla and Chatterjee but saw no point in taking the last spot-kick.

Invitation Cup Football Tournament

Goalkeeper Basheer was once again the moving spirit behind the HASC Senior`s victory at the final of the Invitation Cup Football Tournament on July 20, 1987.

At the Bangalore Football Stadium, Controller of Inspection of Electronics (CIL) went down 4-5 via the tiebreaker, with Basheer having moved well before Stanley Wilson took CIL`s third spot-kick; this enabled him to punch the ball over.

Referee G Natarajan did keep a strict eye on Basheer and pulled him up twice for moving. But the goalkeeper`s antics, as Stanley Wilson approached the ball went unnoticed and that made the difference. HASC were successful all five times through R.D. Babu, T. Babu, Manivannan, Jairaj and Muralidharan. CIL`s four goals came from Sridharan, Inayathulla, Ramakumar and Dhandapani. The 80 minutes prior to this produced no goals.

HASC (Srs) resisted Iraq

On March 16, 1990, Stopper Manivannan`s opportunism salvaged Hindustan Aeronautics Sports Club`s Senior Pride after goalkeeper Basheer`s penchant for the spectacular had served them ill. Down by a goal, Aircraft snatched a valuable point from the Iraq National Olympic team at the end of a 1-1 draw in a group I quarter-final league match of the Stafford challenge cup football tournament at the Bangalore Football Stadium here on Thursday.

The Iraqis had a stranglehold on the match. They dominated play throughout with a brand of football that had the unmistakable English touch. The fact that they did not show enough finishing prowess, left them without a goal until Basheer Ahmed, who till then had revealed a safe pair of hands, committed a grave mistake 18 minutes after the resumption. Substitute Mohammed A Maki curled across a lob from the right. In fact, the ball was completely missing the goal. The defence waited as Basheer Ahmed dived and tried to grab the ball that was travelling wide. He only let it slip through his hands and striker Alaal Kadom, who was hovering around, gratefully tapped in into the empty net.

With HASC failing to even come anywhere near scoring range, Iraq tended to depend on their defence to carry them through. They certainly became a bit complacent and HASC succeeded in restoring parity through a snap goal in the 33rd minute. Winger R.D. Babu lobbed from the left into the box. The Iraq defenders went for the ball rather late and of all the players, stopper Manivannan who had joined the attack in a trice, deflected the ball on the run into the goal taking goalkeeper Hussain Kamil by surprise. The custodian was unsighted too with a wall of players in front of him.

Except for the lapse, it was the youthful and exceptionally fit Iraqis all the way. The uneven surface at the stadium did prevent them from moving about with total freedom. Yet the large crowd at the venue were treated to some good football, despite the fact the Iraq could not find the net on many more occasions.

With William Asprey, from England, to coach them the English brand of football was in full bloom. Long diagonal lobs from the wings and the centre dipped into the HASC box. The strikers did their best to disturb the defence for a colleague to have a go. And such occasions were innumerable but the Iraqis revealed poor shooting qualities, unlike the English Clubs, and on the occasions, they were on target, Basheer Ahmed brought off some superb saves. The Iraqis did not exhibit combined play much, though they picked up the gaps with an occasional quick and short pass. Almost always they brought the long ball dangerously into play. Thus through this tactic, which is now very widely resorted to in England, they were able to subject the opponent to constant and intense pressure right through.

The first session saw at least half a dozen opportunities go a begging. Linkman Sabbah Galer split the defence for striker Kadam Mishin with a measured through ball but Basheer brought off the first of several fine saves as he plucked the ball away from the latter`s feet with a smart and timely somersault. The tall and burly stopper Hamza Hadi, who probed for opening with measured long lobs, sent one through the stoppers for the dangerous Alaal Kadom but the latter muffed the chance with a weak header.

And as the session drew to a close, the Iraqis came close to forging ahead twice. First Alaal dispossessed Manivannan and slammed a low left-footer to the far post but it came to grief on the right upright. Kadam Mishin drove the rebound over. Then Sabbah Gaier`s cross left the defence static and Vijay Kumar completely missed his clearance. The ball travelled to winger Ali Zghaier, and as the large crowd held its breath, Ali shot over from within handshaking distance.

With Basheer growing in confidence and cutting off most of the diagonals that bothered the HASC defence so much, Iraq became a frustrated lot. Their refusal to work up moves in an effort to draw out the opponent defence before attempting to set up chances was rather surprising. It allowed Manivannan and company to breathe a little more freely and they waged a grim defensive battle until Basheer gave away that goal. But fortune, in the end, saw that the balance was restored and HASC did state soccer proud by trooping out with a highly honourable draw.

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