Football my dream, my passion!!!

If Football were to be sieved out of HAL football team coach Ravikumar`s life, not much would be left, because this sport is what makes him who he is. Gowthampura, from where he hails, never had the dearth of renowned footballers – P Kannan, Aramanayakam, Ulakanathan and Basheer to name a few. As a boy, Ravikumar ran directly to the playground after school. “No reading. No homework. All that I was fascinated by was football,” says this former national player.

Starting from the age of 15, Ravikumar`s resounding career has featured many fabulous moments that showcased the aesthetics of football. He played for Karnataka state football team, CIL, BEL, ITI, Mafatlal Bombay, Mohanbagan Calcutta and HAL. Now he coaches the youngsters of the very team he had once played for.


His days start at 7.30 every morning. And he begins the training session, giving technical lessons on speed and endurance to his pupils. The session goes on till 11 a.m. He improvises their styles from the practical knowledge he has gained for himself. “They all regard themselves as good players. But a coach should know what their shortcoming is,”notes Ravikumar. A player is deeply influenced by the endurance of his coach,” says Ravikumar recollecting his days, when coaches Amjedkhan, Nagendra and Krishnaji Rao encouraged him. Now he has under his supervision, around 25 talented football enthusiast under the age of 16.

The rest of the day of this football lover is spent lost in the sports columns of newspapers and watching sports channels. “In football, you never stop learning. We always learn something new when we watch the matches, whether it is local or international.”


Ravikumar`s relentless love for the game started from childhood. And he is still living a life full of football by passing his expertise to the next generation.

Representations/Playing Experience :
Mars Club, Bangalore 1975-76
Jawar Union Club, Bangalore 1976-77
515 Army Base Workshop, Bangalore 1977-78
CIL Sports Club, Bangalore 1978-79
ITI Senior Sports Club, Bangalore 1979-82
Mafatlal Sports Club, Bombay 1982-84
Mohan Bagan Sports Club, Calcutta 1984-85
HAL Sports Club (Seniors), Bangalore 1986-98
Telecom Sports Club, Bangalore 1998-99

Coaching Assignments:

Coached for Karnataka State Team from 1998-99 and 2010-11.

Coached for Karnataka State Senior Football Team for Santosh Trophy in Quilon-2013.

Coached for the Following Clubs:

Government Press (Promoted from A Division to Super Division)

ITI Sports Club – National League 1st Division (NFL) as Chief Coach.

HAL Sports Club – NFL 1st Division & 2nd Division as Chief Coach.

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