What I`ve done?

“I was not serious about my life, until I saw the death of my father in the year 1993.When he died of a heart attack at St. John’s Hospital, that’s when I realized the true characters of my close relatives.  My father spent his entire life serving others especially his relatives selflessly and was immensely respected. However, his dead body was not offered a lift back home before the final ritual.Even though my relatives had many cars, we had no vehicle to carry the body back home, as they were reluctant to help. They stood witnessing the situation of me and my brother desperately running around the parking area asking people, ‘Sir, Bartira’ (will you come, Sir)? As they say : ‘good deeds will always carry you in situations least expected,’ —somehow, one driver saw our plight and agreed to carry the dead body back home.Life had hit me so hard, I had no time to stop and cry. After the final rites, the nextday, I had to rush for the finals of State level Inter-School Hockey Tournament between State Sports Hostel, Kudige and my school i.e. St.Joseph Indian High School. We won by 7-1and I scored 3 goals for my school…..frankly speaking I was fighting the match against myself. With my father’s death came terrible financial crisis. We were under huge home loan. Every day was spent in fear and sleepless nights as known and unknown people took advantage of the situation and came barging in to our house asking for the payment of their loans. I`d literally gone to the extent to picking up the job of mechanic to support my living and help my mother who was employed as a Technician at Bharat Electronics Limited. But my mother and brother reminded me of my dad`s dream —he wanted me to become one of the greatest hockey player. She stood like a rock encouraging me to pursue my ambition and I had her full support. She was up every day at  4.00 am in the morning to  prepare breakfast/lunch for us and would leave home at 5.30 am to take office transport. Even though she should have ideally been out by 3.30pm,  she would continue overtime to be able to match the missing income of my fathers. While I received all the support I needed, I worked really hard every day for 8-10 hours practicing to become a finest hockey player.With this determination to come up in life, within a short span of time my game was recognized and I was offered several jobs overseas to play for their clubs and represent them. I was also offered several jobs for public and Govt sectors. But I choose a job in Canara Bank at the age of 19 in the year 1997. My dad always wanted me to join a bank since he believed it was a white-collar job and of course a job of good repute in the society.”

Ronald Kiran has captained Karnataka State Hockey team for 4 years and has won Karnataka Olympic Association Award for best Sportsmen in the year 2002. He has played for the state for 17 years being the best defender and raising his team to victory at several occasions.

He also played for other clubs outside India like Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

For 5 years, Ronald was part of Indian Senior Camp. Twice his name was announced for national team probable squad. But very unfortunate that in the last minute, his name was dropped.

This has not demotivated him though there is disappointment; he says it’s in his blood to play Hockey. The difficulties he has faced and the rejections he has taken has only made him stronger and taught him to fight back. He has personally achieved a lot of success by believing in 3 D’s – Discipline, Determination and Dedication. He is a volunteer in Jude Felix Hockey Academy and provides coaching and support for the orphans.

He still asks a question: “Why I was not selected to represent my country in the national team?”, though he was termed as one of the finest defender’s in his era.

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