Winning prize was nothing but a goat


“I`m from Simdega, Jharkhand. I loved to play hockey since I was a kid. I was so crazy about it that I used to ran away from attending the Sunday Service in church and spent time in playing hockey. I participated in small tournaments and became popular with my splendid game. In 1977, after completing ITI (Industrial Training Institute) from Rourkela, I appeared for Interview for a Job in Steel Authority of India (SAIL) in Bokaro. Luckily, the GM, who was there in the interview panel had a great liking for sports. He asked me many questions like: “what game do I play, what is my favourite position in Hockey etc.” I answered all his questions on the game of Hockey. He was impressed and I got immediately selected to work in SAIL. I worked in COCK OVEN as a machine operator and was a part of Steel Department`s Hockey Team. I played many inter Steel Tournaments and many times, we participated in tournaments wherein the winning prize amount was nothing but a goat. I lost my wife in March 2015. Now, I want to go back to Simdega as all my friends are calling me there. I don`t know how I should go back. I have to take care of my grandchildren and their education.”

                                                           ***Israel Kullu, Bokaro***

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