From water one comes to life

“In Nov 2016, two actors were drowned in the lake in Bangalore while shooting for a Kannada movie. The next day after the shooting, they were supposed to meet me in the St. Joseph School`s swimming area. They were not the swimmers and it is really upsetting and sheer carelessness on their part which finally made them pay with their lives. Swimming was luxury earlier but now it is a necessity as it is no more a rich man`s sport. I believe every person in Bangalore should become a swimming literate, a life-saving sport. A person is born in water in mother`s womb or from water one comes to life. With this intention, I started an academy called Swimlife. I guess I’m the first one in India to commercialise swimming. I have developed techniques and created syllabus after years of research which is not the orthodox style. Also, fun learning is added to it so that more and more could come and learn swimming.”

Satish is a former National Champion in swimming and is the recipient of EKALAVYA and KEMPAGOWDA AWARD.

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