Slip of tongue

In a cold winter season, a bird was trying to fly south. Unfortunately, the chilled weather froze him and he fell down into a large field. A cow passing by dropped dung on him. While lying down in the pile of dung, he slowly felt its warmth. He started enjoying it and began singing. His singing soon caught the attention of a cat nearby who was delighted to find a delicious bird in the dung. Ultimately the bird lost his life and served a good meal to the cat. The moral of the story is very loud and clear – Keep your mouth shut when you are in deep shit.

This story is applicable to the Romanian tennis legend Ilie Nastase who has started losing his legacy for his derogatory remarks which he has done constantly over the years but this time, he broke all the limits when he passed a racist remark on the unborn baby of Serena Williams by saying:  “Let’s see what colour it has. Chocolate with milk?” Well, to say Chocolate with milk may taste yummy but the comments like that have given a bitter response for the tennis Icon.

This was not enough.

At the Romania – Great Britain Fed Cup match in Constanta, organized at the end of April this year, brought him a temporary suspension from the International Tennis Federation.


His comment speared with ‘F’ letter abusive word first on the match umpire and then on the British player who couldn`t bear his words and broke down in tears. Nastase`s foul language has banned him from Roland Garros, French Open, Wimbledon’s Royal Box and hopefully from many other tournaments in the near future.

Though such tantrum will make him gain popularity among his fans but slowly and slowly people will stop entertaining him.

Even the gentlemen`s game “Cricket” is not free of Cricketers making nasty remarks.

In a test match of 2006 between South Africa and Sri Lanka, former Australian batsman who was a commentator for the game spelled out something outrageous which shocked the entire Islamic world.

When South African player Hashim Amla took the catch of the Sri Lankan batsman Kumar Sangakkara while dismissing him, Jones as a commentator lost his sense of humor and remarked: “The terrorist has got another wicket.”

He was fired immediately from the job though he regretted uttering those words and gave his sincere apologies to the South African.

Founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel is supposed to be gifted with uncontrolled tongue. In a statement given by him in 2015, he told that he will not expand his mobile app in poor countries like India and Spain which has drawn sharp criticism from the Indian community. Snapchat faced the wrath of Indians as Spiegel was widely reprimanded in the social media space which dropped the rating of Snapchat. The incidence forced the company to issue a statement on behalf of Spiegel saying that Snapchat is for everyone.

We live in a conscious world with insensitive feeling towards others. People might have gained tons of success and stardom; nevertheless, the pride of superiority in terms of color, religion, region, etc has blinded them from every dimension. One should realize that no matter how much he is influential, he needs to speak with responsibility. The words have a boom-a-rang effect – no matter how hard you hit at someone; it will come back to you with the same force.

Proverbs 21:23 “Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.”

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