How the Olympic Games works?

International Olympic Committee (IOC), the organization founded by Baron Pierre de Coubertin act as trustees for the movement called “Olympic Games”.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin
Baron Pierre de Coubertin, (C)

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President of IOC recommends the appointment of the members. They represent only the IOC in their country and not their country. No nation can compete in the Games unless they have a properly constituted National Olympic Committee (NOC) approved by the IOC. These are responsible for organizing their own team’s transport to the Olympic city and their stay arrangements.

The first IOC at 1896 Athen Games; (C):

The International Sports Federations, in co-operation with the Organizing Committee, ensure that the facilities are of a proper standard, and they are then responsible for the competitions.

The IOC has commissions or working groups which help in ensuring that the Games are organized as smoothly as possible.

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