It’s a difficult life but I’m happy

“My name is Will Romero. I have been doing Martial Arts since I was 8 years old.  I started with Tae Kwon Do then Shaolin Hongar Kung Fu and then found Muay Thai and knew it’s what I wanted to do moving forward. I began fighting in amateur Muay Thai in 2006 and then MMA & Muay Thai professionally in 2008. Some of my accomplishments include winning the IQMMA World Title becoming the first ever MMA Champion in the history of my province of Ontario in Canada. I also won the WKN North American Muay Thai Title and a Kunlun fight World Title Grand Prix reserve fight.  I started martial arts because as a young boy I loved martial arts movies and actors like Bruce Lee and Jean Claude Van Damme. I really fell in love with the way they portrayed the arts. I joined The Canadian Army full time at 17 years old and served overseas in Bosnia in 2000. After the army, I met my Muay Thai coach Alin Halmagean a Romanian Champion with whom started to compete for an amateur Thai Boxing. I also loved jiu-jitsu so I tried out at an MMA scouting event and got selected to fight Professional MMA. It was the start of my MMA career. I went 6-0 to start my career and got to fight for the Bellator MMA world title. I fought current Champion Patricio Pitbull Freire and tasted my first defeat by submission. Since then I’ve fought for big shows like World Series of Fighting, Kunlun Fight and Bellator Fighting Championships another two times winning both those fights. My focus more recently has been to focus solely on my Muay Thai, kickboxing career as it’s my strength in fighting and what I enjoy and love most. I’m currently living and training at Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand. Some of the hardships in this life are the money of course. It’s no secret that unless you’re amongst the very top of the food chain you don’t make a lot of money. Finding sponsors to help with the costs of living and training can also be very difficult! I had a full-time well-paying job back home as a personal trainer but I wanted to continue to live my dreams while my body still can handle the rigorous training. So here I am fighting and living in Thailand not making heaps of money but fighting often and doing what I love and am passionate about. It’s a hard difficult life but it’s the life I chose because it makes me feel fulfilled and truly happy!! I feel lucky, blessed and at peace doing what I truly love and am passionate about!!”

(Will Romero)

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