I have been swamped with injuries

“My name is Shane Maguire, I’m from a small town in Northern Ireland where tennis isn’t a popular sport, this year I have been swamped with injuries including a severe case of tennis elbow and I’m just about fully recovering from fracturing my ankle from a tournament I played at the start of the year. But, by the start of the new year, I hope to have a far better year. I have made the Ulster Tennis Team where we compete throughout the whole of Ireland. I recently have got a new coach, Keith Meisner who is a former junior professional, who was ranked 89 in the world and best mates of Andy and Jamie Murray. I have recently left school to focus on my training and then compete internationally by March next year! I also do have a heart condition which makes it harder for me but I do not let that affect me whatsoever! I was born with 2 holes in my heart and a leading valve and have had 2 major heart ops which have made me a far better person! At least it doesn’t affect my tennis!”

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