I`m happy with running!!!!


“My father is in the hospital with the diagnosis of ureteral cancer, which already has sprinkled. Tumours have formed and it looks very bad. He will die. I stand on the balcony of the hospital and smoke a cigarette, probably I have already smoked over half a packet that day, the taste in the mouth is ugly. Outside it is grey and bleak, fitting to the whole situation. That cannot be it, shouts through my head. I smoke, my lungs full and inside my dad is dying. I loved smoking a lot. One to one and a half packs a day was normal. But at this lunchtime, I finally realized that I have to break up. I bought the book “Finally No Smoking” read it and on a Friday afternoon at 16 o’clock and then I smoked my last fag. Then came the classic compensation: eating. I was getting fatter and when I was close to the 80 kg and the prosperity wreaths formed I knew; now you have to do something. The simplest approach: Buy running shoes and start running. Without any advice or idea, I bought running shoes and started walking. First, run about one kilometre. Second, run the question: can I make two kilometres? This is from my home to the restaurant down the road and back, almost an insurmountable distance for me. How should I do that? Of course, it worked and during the first year, one run per week turned into two or three times, but never and never more than 40 minutes. I felt good, ate only half and healthier and got fitter fast. Six years ago, a friend’s request came up asking if I did not want to join a team in the Büsinger Triathlon. We signed up and suddenly I got nervous and was really looking forward to my first official race/competition. I intensified my training (which seems ridiculous to me today when I look at the units I am running today) and we went to the start. The first time a start number on the belly. The run went well and we were incredibly proud that we did it. I thought I climbed Mount Everest. One year later we started again and again. The short Rhinefall run sometimes in between, not much else. That’s when I heard from a friend Andi (who has known us for nearly 38 years) for the first time about the WhatsApp Runners, a small running group in my area. Then at the Büsinger Triathlon three years ago, I ran again and part of it with Andi together, Andi naturally left me at the end and pulled away like a locomotive. At the finish, he thanked for pacing … that was a key moment. Pacing? I asked Mr Google and then I was seized with running fever. The system of training, what is possible, the different intensities of the training, etc. I wanted to be part of the running group !! Angelika said to me I should just get in touch but did not dare … until one day Andi invited me to participate in training. A big, beautiful world opened for me. Gorgeously. My first WhatsApp Runners date was Dani. He was preparing for the Berlin Marathon. We took the train to Stein am Rhein and then ran back to Schaffhausen. That was my first long run. What a joy. The first “half marathon” followed in Stein am Rhein, smaller runs and then in 2016 my first marathon in Zurich with Sandra M., Nicola, Andi, René, Roli, Urban, Remo and Moha, an indescribable experience. If all goes well this autumn then my sixth marathon in Athens and soon the first triathlon. So much is possible … The emotions are all familiar to you and cannot be put into words. The group fantastic. Finally, I could talk about the things that no college or friend wanted to hear. Pulse, distance, pace, altitude etc. Without our running group, I would never have crossed those limits and accomplished what I did. I am very thankful and happy about that. I’ve never been as fit as I am today and it’s nice to have so many new friends and acquaintances. Two weeks ago I finished my 6th Marathon in Athens. The original course from the first Olympic games 1896. When I run I am happy.”


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