Dreams don’t work until you work

“I live in Ukraine, I am a candidate master of sports in boxing and kickboxing. I started my way in boxing at the age of 15. Now I am 23, before that, I did athletics until my friends told me to try to box with gloves. I couldn’t do anything, they beat me and I was like a bag for them. From that moment, I decided that I should be able to fight back and went to the boxing hall. It was difficult for me initially, but thanks to this decision, now I am the winner of Kickboxing Championship of Ukraine, a participant of championships and holder of cups for Ukraine in boxing, as well as all-Ukrainian tournaments. I train 6 days a week for two workouts to make my dreams real. My favourite saying is: ‘dreams don’t work until you work,’ I set myself a goal, as I move towards it.”

(Bogdanov, follow in Instagram @b.o.d.y.a_fox)

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