Sports were my way of escaping responsibilities

“I’ve been active in sports/gym as long as I can remember. Horseback riding, swimming, basketball, American football and of course gym when I was old enough for a membership! I had to grow up fast to help out with my autistic older sports and gym were my way of escaping my responsibilities for a few hours beside going to school. It was also a way to help me with dealing with depression. Training is now no longer my lifebuoy, it’s my lifestyle. I love to grow, learn, see results, get inspired and all that comes with -> even the downfalls. A year ago I started Kickboxing with my beloved friend Lex, during the summer I had to manage some health issues so I couldn’t focus 100% on training but then in August this year I started my Muay Thai journey and it’s been great! I love it and my trip to Thailand gave me so much new knowledge and strength that I’ll be using now that I’m back home in Sweden! My plan is to start MMA hopefully a year from now! I’m super excited about the future!”

(Sofie Habo)

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