I grew up as an athlete and also as a person

“I’m from Italy. I’m 23 and I started playing softball when I was 5. I’ve always played for my home team Bollate Softball 1969, where I grew up not only as an athlete but also as a person. Three years ago, I made the decision of playing college softball in the United States. My first experience was at Tallahassee Community College. After two years of JUCO, I transferred to USC Upstate, a D1 softball program. I’m currently a Senior, and I have one season left of college softball. Since I was young, I had the opportunity to represent my country playing for the Italian National Team. This past summer, we competed in the Women Softball World Championships in Japan finishing up in 7th place, one of the best results ever for our team. Softball has given me the incredible opportunity of travelling the world and meeting new people. It has taught me hard work, discipline, respect and commitment. Right now, I only have one goal in my mind: qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.”

(Elisa Cecchetti)

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