If you believe then don’t give up!!!

“I have never imagined that I will follow the martial arts. I started at Muaythai 2 years ago, following my boyfriend’s training, @josefael as he was my first coach. When I met him, I was studying civil engineering in college. My family didn’t like my decision to change study for martial arts which made it even harder initially. The Muaythai in Brazil is very effective. I’m from the smallest region of my country and there are many good athletes. But there are no big events. In seminars, my husband and I met some influential people. It was when we met the ‘true Muaythai’. We didn’t have the money to pay for our ticket travel. So, we sold an old car that we had and we moved from the city to get in depth of the martial art. I was trained for 1 year in São Paulo by the 3x World Champion who lived in Thailand for 5 years,  the champion Adaylton Freitas. I made the debut in the rings in the first Muaythai stadium founded in Brazil, in São Paulo. After 6 fights in Brazil, we made ‘raffles’ to raise money to know Thailand and hence experienced all that I’m living today. By living in Phuket, I was able to live in Chalong(Phuket Fight Club), Patong Beach (Singpatong Sitnumnoi Gym) where I conquered my first career belt (Patong Boxing Stadium), and today I’m in Surin on the Sitsongpeenong. I have been living in Thailand for 7 months and it is indeed the dream of every Muaythai fighter. The place is incredible. I hope to stay for a few more months, get the most experience and go back to Brazil where I will begin jiu-jitsu training. In the future, I intend to debut in MMA. If you believe, don’t give up. The world is great and has wonderful people who will support you. But God first. Thank for your attention.”

( Yuly Yves )

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