I became a beast

“The way to callisthenics I went through wasn’t easy at all. There were so many barriers, so many people doubting you, trying to ruin your dreams and hopes. I started early by playing football, like almost every young boy today. I wasn’t maybe the most skillful player but I fought until the last minutes. I tried to prove myself, I was doing very good until the first horrible injury which made my dreams blush down the toilet. My knee ligaments were completely destroyed, I couldn’t walk normally for a couple of months, I became overweight. With all those depressive thoughts going through my head I realized I must do something with my life. I started bodybuilding. My fatness went slowly away and I became a beast. I had one small injury in 7 years. I knew what I was doing but still, I wasn’t happy. I learned about yoga and callisthenics. I was so intrigued by all the new things I learned. Relaxing of yoga and masterpiece of callisthenics. I found myself and I am happy with what I am doing. I’m not only trying to be good at these sports, but I‘m also trying to be better me. Still, people are unhappy and are doubting me because of my love for this sport and day by day I’m showing them that there are no barriers if you love what you do and believe.”

(Christian Blatancic)

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