I can be my son’s model!!

“I’ve been running on and off for quite many years. But, last march, something changed. My two years toddler got interested into running. Every time we were going to the park, he was fascinated by any runners who were showing up into bright clothing. I told myself: no way! If these people can be my son’s model, I can be too. Since that day, I’ve been running at least four days a week. I even hired a coach to build me a running program. Sometimes, I get up really early to train, but most of the time, I try to do it during my lunch break. Yep! I also have a job in a non-profit organization in Montreal. Up to now, motivation has not been too much a challenge. I’m just totally into it. Actually, I have fun running. But let say, weather can be harsh where I live. But I’ll dress warmly this winter and just continue to do what I like. As I love running, I also started an Instagram account to share some pictures of my training sessions. That way, I’ll inspire my son and maybe even other person. That would be awesome!”

(The pretty runner)

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