I practice what I preach!!!!

“Why settle for good when you can be great!  It’s that motto I have always preached as a teacher and followed in my personal life.  During the day, my job is to make every student become the best version of themselves every day.  Outside school, it’s my turn to make myself better every day. I started running 5 years ago at 38.  In the past three years, I have really got myself into races of all types; road, trail and obstacle course races.  I have run two marathons, three 8 hour obstacle course races, an ultramarathon, and over 30 other types of races of all types and distances. Not elite, but I never quit. My students enjoy hearing my race stories, seeing my race pictures, and hearing the training that I do to get where I am at. All these races I do is an example of me practicing what I preach! Sharing examples has it’s weight, but being an example makes my teachings and my relationships stronger with my students!”

(Phil Brill)

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