Sport has taught me life skills

“I am Meet Patel, currently 21 years old and I practice freestyle football. It all started when I alone wanted to play football among all others who wanted to play cricket. At that time I thought that there has to be a way to play football alone. It came to my mind that it would be so cool to learn skills that Ronaldinho & Maradona did in their warmup. Soon I was introduced to this unique sport called freestyle football. I started following best athletes in sports, saw tutorials on Youtube and started learning in November 2016 at age of 19. I was impressed to see the possibilities of tricks with a ball and the level at which the sport is. After seeing some best videos of freestyle it seemed like the coolest sport ever. In the past 2 years, this sport has taught me a lot of life skills like patience, practice, dedication, hard & smart work and not comparing progress with anyone other than oneself. I have been a guy who would escape going on stage at any cost but because of this sport, I have voluntarily gone up to stage and already done 4 live performances. Starting sport at age of 19 is a really challenging thing and ‘ignoring’ what people think and say about you is the best thing one can do. All one has to do is have self-belief.”

(Meet Patel)

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