Asthma couldn’t stop my tennis passion!!!!

“I started playing tennis the same time I started ballet. I trained both from the time I was 3 until age 11, at that point I had to decide to focus on one of them. Both required a lot of time and schedules started to collide, it was hard because I love both, but tennis had my heart. From age 11, I put my entire focus on tennis training, as training became more intense my coach and Dad noticed that I started wheezing a lot more and felt more drained. We went to get checked out and found out that I had full blown asthma probably had it my entire life. Being someone who had always been an intense athlete, I had dealt with it but never said anything to anyone because I thought everyone experienced the same thing.  The Doctor said my normal life was about to change a lot! I was worried that having asthma would change things, make it impossible to perform at the highest level, but my Doctor assured me that with the treatment, I would perform even better and it would not impact my abilities to be an athlete. He was right as it made a huge change in my energy, endurance and ability to expand my performance/training.  I have a lot of goals in tennis, I am 13 years old now and have many years to develop.  Tennis has taught me how to be a competitor and to win/lose with grace and humility. I have met so many people from all walks of life and backgrounds and so many wonderful tennis friends. The tennis community is supportive of one another and that is an amazing thing about this sport.  I hope to meet the goals I have by focusing on improvements every day. Training is not just on the court, flexibility training is important, weight training and nutrition but also mental training to ensure you are healthy within is so very important. I look forward to continuing my growth in tennis and my connections within the tennis community.” 

(Makenzie Raine )

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