Sport is my endless love till death

“I’ve played sports all my life … I can play a lot of kinds of sports such as swim, badminton, Aerobics, belly-dance, tennis … but my favourite is tennis & Aerobic … I’ve played tennis for 10 years …  So I do Aerobics 3 hours a week: 1 hour per time in a day of week … play tennis at the weekend with my team  … doing Aerobic half hour every morning to activate new day …and do gym 2 hours in a week … I mix some kinds of sport to make a fit body like mine now. Especially I’ve been a vegan lifestyle and meditation for 14 years … I still continue this way for my health & soul till DEATH … I would like to share my experience about nutrition way of vegan to be healthy, beautiful body shape.”

( Angel Uyên )

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