I entertain people

“I am an 18-year-old artist, from New Delhi, India. From my childhood, I was always passionate about the qualities and the talents God gave me. And, I also believe to serve the others to give them a better experience of life. I am a sketch artist, graphic designer, Youtuber and I have much more by God’s Grace. But the big revolution is when freestyle football came to my life. A sport which is so different and so creative, unlimited skills, can make your own moves, especially you can entertain people with your creative skills. Also, gives a platform to meet the more talented people around the world. I started doing skills with the ball when I was 16, but I focused to do freestyling from Oct-2018. And recently, I did my freestyle debut in the greatest Championship of India- ‘THE DFC JAM.’ I didn’t make it through the National Championship but I got the wonderful experience and it will boost my energy and confidence to improve myself more in freestyle and will dominate next time for sure. And, I also want to thank everyone who is reading this and all my closed ones who always supported me and still believes in me. I thank God to give them great health & wealth and encourage them to achieve their goals in life. Still creating my story, more to build… more to share. Peace. Love.”

( Hunjan )

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