Never give up

I’ve been playing soccer since I was 6-year-old. Now, I am 17-year-old. I still play soccer. In these 11 years I had so many hard experiences. 

First of all, my life is filled with injuries. I broke my knee’s bone when I was 12-year-old. That injury was my first time in whole soccer life. I was shocked and depressed. My doctor told me that I couldn’t play soccer for at least 3 months. Fortunately, I didn’t have to have surgery for my knee but the 3 months were too long for me to stop playing soccer. Every time I saw someone playing soccer or soccer match on TV, I felt frustrations.

I also broke my left shoulder’s ligaments when I was 15-year-old. The injury was the most awful one in my life. My soccer position is Goalie(Goalkeeper) so the shoulder is important for me. When I was told that I had to undergo surgery for my shoulder, I thought I should give up playing soccer. Then how did I overcome the injury? I Just believe in myself and ‘Never Gave Up’.

Also, I have a very good medical trainer. He always takes care of me. The rehabilitation for my left shoulder was so hard but he kept cheering me up.

And Now, I’m studying English in Vancouver, Canada.

When I arrived here, my shoulder still hurt. So I thought I could not play soccer in Canada but after 3 months, my shoulder became fine and friend invited me to join a soccer team in Canada. 

That was such a miracle and I’m so happy to play soccer in Canada now.

If I gave up playing soccer when I had big injuries, probably I would have hated soccer and I wouldn’t have joined a soccer team in Canada. 

So, please, never give up. Even though you are struggling and having huge problems. 

Just believe in yourself so you’ll be fine. You’ll be amazing.

My life is actually full of injuries but I have so much fun in my life, with my body.  

If you have somebody who cheers you up, listen to their voice.

I always have fun with soccer. Thank you. 

(Shunei Morizumi)

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