A dream chaser

“I have always wanted to be a freestyler, but as I come from a small city called Agartala, it was very hard for me to stay motivated. I had to fulfil my parents dream of becoming a good student and pursue a good carrier ahead. After 12th, I came to kolkata for engineering while my father was suffering from kidney failure and we lost everything from home to business. During that crisis, chasing my dream would come very selfish, so I gave up. Until things got stable just a year, I met this guy Sidart Freestyle, who asked me to come pratice with him; then it all started. I came out of depression, things were going well as I planned a trip to Mumbai for the street union, with just Rs.1500 in hand. Vishal freestyle helped me get accommodation. It was a good experience but while returning to Kolkata, I got this phone call that my father was no more… I couldn’t see him for the last time. I had to rush home and I was on the verge of giving up again, but yet I choose not to and till date I haven’t.”

(Raja Debnath)

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