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I started training Muaythai about two and a half years ago when I finally quit my regular job at a corporate education consulting in São Paulo, Brazil. Before that, I was in an existential crisis, very unhappy, unhealthy, hopeless, and stressed. In that time, I had no goals in my life and I felt absolutely lost.

I have a in Portuguese Language and Literature, a great position in a cool company, living in a big city, but I was not being myself at all for years. So, I decided to quit my job and I started working as a freelancer, which would provide me with flexible schedules and a better quality of life.

I moved to the countryside and I chose to take care of my health, so I started doing Muaythai classes in a gym next to my home. This choice was totally random because I never had heard of Muaythai before. My intention was to try a Muaythai class and a BJJ class and then choose one of these to practice. So I tried Muaythai first and completely fell in love. I dedicated myself every day to this sport, in a very obsessive way, until I wanted to fight.

In a hard fight camp at Steel Team (the best Brazilian Muaythai team), I had to manage very horrible shin splints that almost made me pull out of the fight. I stepped into the ring for the first time in a 5 round Muaythai full rules match at Portuários Stadium, the first Brazilian Muaythai stadium. After I felt the first punch-kick-combo over my body, I froze. I got so scared because I realized Muaythai was so much more hardcore than I could imagine. My opponent was very strong, from a great Brazilian Muaythai school (Fenix Top Team), very aggressive, and had a really good technique even more for a first fight. She hit me for 5 rounds and I almost couldn’t react, but I was getting hit very hard and keep fighting badly until the final bell rang. I lost to her and to myself .

It was very complicated to deal because I got really hurt and my family couldn’t accept that me, a normal person with a good career, decided to quit a stable job for getting punched in the face. So I started considering giving up, I thought fighting was not for me. People from my team in the countryside and from Steel Team, where I had the fight camp, supported me a lot with motivational messages. However, incredibly the person who really helped me was my opponent’s coach. He found me at Instagram and sent me a very powerful message that made me change my mindset. We are great friends these days.

It took me a year until I mustered my strength to fight again, but I never stopped training. I had a really intense fight camp with Mauro Cromado, my coach and former MMA and Muaythai fighter. My second fight was on November 25th, 2018 and I won by a knee KO. It was the happiest day of my life, a kind of surrender, a very deep and symbolic chapter of my journey.

I’m still a beginner, but I have big dreams. I’ll fight again in March and I also have been saving money to head to Thailand to train with the best and fight as long as I can. Muaythai is everything I have and I gotta keep fighting for it.

(Nathalia Krzcsimovski)

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