A ball with many skills

“I’m a Football Freestyler and a Callisthenic athlete. So I started Freestyle Football at the age of 15 and my inspiration was PWG. One day, I was sitting in front of my laptop and surfing through videos in youtube and suddenly I saw this guy’s video and I was shocked! I never knew that so many skills were possible with a ball. And that was the time I decided that I wanna be the best in the world in this sport. I know it’s easy to say but hard to achieve but trust me, I’m working hard in order to get to the top. It’s gonna take years and years but one thing to which I’m stuck since the beginning is ‘Never give up!’ These two years were both tough and awesome. I landed a lot of new tricks but got injured several times too. Freestyle has taught me that hardwork always pays off. I always used to keep my ball beside me as it was something I never wanted to leave. I got to know various freestylers from across the world. Feedback from some of the best freestylers motivated me a lot. Freestyle is a game of patience. You have to be patient to get results. If you can’t train every day it’s okay, But whenever you train, train as if it’s your last day. Before competing with others, you have to compete with yourself. Look where you were yesterday and look where you are today. Alongside Freestyle, I’m also into Callisthenics(bodyweight training) and I started it at the age of 16. Apart from gaining muscles, Callisthenics has helped me learn some insane moves. It has also helped me stay calm and patient. I was not allowed to go to the gym and it was the time when I saw what it was. I straight away jumped into it and I’m progressing fast. It is just a way of keeping myself fit but Freestyle Football is my passion. It’s my life and I won’t leave it ever. If you are a freestyler then you have no limits. Its all about enjoying the game. In the end, I just wanna say that ‘Never give up!’ and you’ll achieve what you want.”

(Rahul Nair)

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